Tuesday, December 14, 2010


From Russia, with love. Always Moose and Squirrel. In Soviet Russia, snow falls you? Running out of bad lines here, help me out a little here....c'mon!

The amount of ridiculousity is.... ridiculous. Classy costume jewelry from Halloween. Epically warm coat I've had for years. I think I got it at Wet Seal, before they stopped existing in Richmond. And the monstrous hat. Was my mothers. There are matching gloves somewhere. But it's super warm. Also, makes me feel all.....warm.


Black ankle boots, cute little snaps. Super pointy toes to match the super skinny spike heels. Clearly not the best for wearing in snow. At all. But when one is pretending to be a fancy schmancy Mad Russian.

White Russian? Get me some vodka, STAT!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I've been lax in updating, shame on me. I have SUCH a backlog of new shoes from DSW, it's not even funny. Three new pairs coming in Monday, as well. Ahhhhh! I swear, I need a photographer on call, or following me around. I can only do self-shots so well.

Anyway, today I dressed up a little for work, seeing as it's the Friday before Halloween and one can't very well dress up for Halloween AFTER the fact. So today it was. Also didn't help that I as up at 6 because I couldn't sleep, so I laid in bed thinking about clothes.

Like you do.

Ergo, this pin-up inspired look. Worn it once or twice for parties or theme nights. And what's better, it's 90% thrift store! Got the top at my fav. Goodwill, while the skirt and shoes were found at Diversity Thrift for pennies. The hose, which are ADORABLE, were a gift from a friend who loves unusual tights and patterns. The flowers in my hair, may or may not be visible here, were From the Dollar Store. I'm getting better at making killer outfits for under $10. Go me!

P.S. Thank you MuffinMama for reminding me that I needed to post, I've gotten lax.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Shit Dorothy,I ain't in Kansas anymore.

Well, technically I've never been to Kansas. Or west of the Mississippi. Pure technicalities.

Red silk cami with sequined trim (It's like a circus!) that I got at the thrift store. From Express, no less. And my new skinny jeans I got for free from The Gap. I'm good at free things like that.

And my new favorites: red slippers! Ok, flats. Again with the technicalities. Like the zebra print flats I have, and the silver ones too. Oh, and the black peep-toe pumps too. I think I might have a slight addiction to Rocket Dog. Specificaly: their knotted flats.

God, I love red shoes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Little black dress, sunglasses someone left at my house, and a really hot day. I park downtown behind the train station now. So I guess you're going to have to...track me down.


(ending the really bad CSI: Miami joke here)

Finally got those Madden Girl zebra pumps that have been all over DSW's ads for the last month or so. Finally! 4.5 inch stacked heels, a slight platform at the front. Peep toe, with dark dark red laces at the back of the heel. And it's some of the smoothest silk you've never touched.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Oh man, now that I see the pics from this day...I look tired. We will ignore this. Completely.

White dress shirt via friendly hand-me-downs. Tank top of generic origin. Totally adorable skirt from the best Goodwill ever. Everyone has one thrift store that they always have good luck with. Mine happens to be farther in the West End with some nice drop-offs. Pretty sure Target offloads their unsold/returned goods. P.S. wonderful source for bathing suits if you don't mind them mismatching a little.

Sarasota Wedge boots by Aerosole, black. Yes, suede. Yes, THAT delicious. Knee boots, buckles and top-stitching oh my! Low heel, which is comfy for work and long term wear. Not that I need it, but there's a second zip at the back that gives you another inch in the upper calf. I'd rather have the inch at the lower calf versus higher calf. Still fantastic. Again, not-so-ill-gotten-gains from DSW and Free Shoes Friday.


Working to distraction. Distracted enough to forget to start downloading pics from my camera. And then posting them. Smart move, 'eh?

Good news is, got a job and an apartment and a cat who came with a ridiculous amount of furniture. Bonus! Also a not so subtle way to pimp out said cat's blog, The Daily Whaaaaaat!?

Ode to Niecey Nash ensemble, was wearing it around the time that Nicey was knocked off of Dancing with the Stars. Ergo the big-ass-flower in my hair. The top I got in NYC a few years ago. White crop chinos I got at Old Navy (also a few years ago, on sale even!)

But the shoes! Oh the shoes are the topper. See, DSW.com has Twitter. (@dswshoelovers) And this twitter does a thing called Free Shoes Friday. First 10 to answer the question correctly at noon every Friday (also a follower) gets a $75 gift card. These I got with my first win. Yes, I said first win, we will not count how many times I've managed to win, that would be gloating.

These are the ImpoVigo Wedge Sandal in turquoise. They're only available in pink and black now, I checked. I adore the beading and details on the front. The stacked heel is slim and smooth, not as clunky as you might expect. They're ridiculously comfortable, wearable for my walk into work even.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Earlier this month I was able to get a friend of mine to fix a few things on my car that were on their last legs. Serpentine belt, front disc brakes, and most importantly, rear drum brakes.

Technically brake shoes. Ergo, new shoes. For my car. Totally counts, yes?

(Pardon the lack of sassy girl, I was not really...dressed up for car-working-on that day. Some things need not be seen.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Shades of grey.

Finally a pair of shoes that I can wear properly with my charcoal sweater. It's my favorite warm weather top, and it's starting to lose some of its softness. Sad faces all around. Grey striped tank underneath, and the classy black pants I got for work at KD before that went terribly wrong. They are finally getting a proper use now.

Anne Michelle Mayhem peep-toe pumps in pewter. Normally I wouldn't go for something with too many sequins on them. (Unless I was going for the Ruby Slipper look, and until they make them in my size and not looking like stripper shoes, I will wait) But the silver sequins and bows on this were just right. Small and subtle, just the right amount of shine and sparkle. Right?

Monday, March 1, 2010


*** Birthday Special! ***

I didn't think I had any ammunition left to post on my birthday (which was yesterday, btw) but I DID! Camille got me these ADORABLE duckie slippers. They're wearing red/black checkered hats. I will call them Canadian hats because the Olympics just ended and 'cuz I say so.

As you can see, they are in good company. I'm watching Haele while Leah's at work and Greg & Steve go to a movie. KIDS DAY IN! Also, matching ponytails. We will pretend the pic is in focus, taking this from the floor, with a wiggling little girl attached to ones head makes things...fun.

Adding one more, since those last two don't really show the pajamas. Ya know... at all.

Duckie pajamas, made them a while ago for Pajama Night at Fallout. We already know about me and ducks. Flannel short snorts and a hand-stitched rib knit top. Adorable duckie applique on the back.
And yes, I did make a matching pair of mini pajamas for my small stuffed duck.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I know it's a little late for the snow, but guess who never seems to have the proper foot attire on hand when the snowflakes start to fall? Yeah, this chick.

And then we got a good 3 foot of SURPRISE snow.

Snow boots. They finally meet the snow. Finally

We will pretend that I did not wait until it was halfway melted away to take pictures. We will also pretend it's not a silly picture of me PRETENDING to be stuck in the snow.


Friday, February 26, 2010


A little vintage maybe?

Ok, only the hat. My grandmothers, and I have been struggling to find something appropriately classy and brown to wear with it. Clearly I have too much black clothing, in danger of becoming Abby. Not that that's a bad thing mind you. So the rest is a dress I made, cuz' dammit why not. Also wearing a pair of her earrings which may or may not be vintage.

Took advantage of The Aunt's classy dressing table and accessories. Love the cut glass perfume bottle. We will pretend it has something in it other than air. As you can see, there's some nice leg there. Wearing those sassy french heel back seam silk stockings that someone got me. The shoes themselves were another thrift store find. For once a pair that fits perfectly and isn't in deplorable condition! Helps that they're completely lace up, are incredibly comfortable, and are quite likely to hit you on the fingers with a ruler if you don't stop passing notes in class. Seriously.

Now, where did that set of hat pins go?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Vintage Barbie wishes she could be out from under the glass with me. Thrifted silk top, and the crop jeans I can still just barely fit. I swear, they used to be black. Really.

Christian Siriano strappy sandal. I'm in love with the zipper here. And those heels? (3.5') Feels like I'm walking on pyramids.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, that shirt DOES say "I feel a sin coming on". A terribly fitting Christmas gift from Miss Danitra. Well played madam, well played.

Lace-up Airwalk kicks that take forever to lace up even if they have an easy access zip in the back. You gotta get all those laces flat and pretty and just right before you can even consider being seen.

(Which is why I'm still lounging in bed)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yes, yes, I know. I've used this dress before. Don't care. The shoes are what's important here.

Very important shoes.

Alice + Olivia 4.5" pumps. Stone-washed denim ankle wrap with crazy buckles. The zip has a wacky little metal dangle.