Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Working to distraction. Distracted enough to forget to start downloading pics from my camera. And then posting them. Smart move, 'eh?

Good news is, got a job and an apartment and a cat who came with a ridiculous amount of furniture. Bonus! Also a not so subtle way to pimp out said cat's blog, The Daily Whaaaaaat!?

Ode to Niecey Nash ensemble, was wearing it around the time that Nicey was knocked off of Dancing with the Stars. Ergo the big-ass-flower in my hair. The top I got in NYC a few years ago. White crop chinos I got at Old Navy (also a few years ago, on sale even!)

But the shoes! Oh the shoes are the topper. See, has Twitter. (@dswshoelovers) And this twitter does a thing called Free Shoes Friday. First 10 to answer the question correctly at noon every Friday (also a follower) gets a $75 gift card. These I got with my first win. Yes, I said first win, we will not count how many times I've managed to win, that would be gloating.

These are the ImpoVigo Wedge Sandal in turquoise. They're only available in pink and black now, I checked. I adore the beading and details on the front. The stacked heel is slim and smooth, not as clunky as you might expect. They're ridiculously comfortable, wearable for my walk into work even.

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