Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Shades of grey.

Finally a pair of shoes that I can wear properly with my charcoal sweater. It's my favorite warm weather top, and it's starting to lose some of its softness. Sad faces all around. Grey striped tank underneath, and the classy black pants I got for work at KD before that went terribly wrong. They are finally getting a proper use now.

Anne Michelle Mayhem peep-toe pumps in pewter. Normally I wouldn't go for something with too many sequins on them. (Unless I was going for the Ruby Slipper look, and until they make them in my size and not looking like stripper shoes, I will wait) But the silver sequins and bows on this were just right. Small and subtle, just the right amount of shine and sparkle. Right?

Monday, March 1, 2010


*** Birthday Special! ***

I didn't think I had any ammunition left to post on my birthday (which was yesterday, btw) but I DID! Camille got me these ADORABLE duckie slippers. They're wearing red/black checkered hats. I will call them Canadian hats because the Olympics just ended and 'cuz I say so.

As you can see, they are in good company. I'm watching Haele while Leah's at work and Greg & Steve go to a movie. KIDS DAY IN! Also, matching ponytails. We will pretend the pic is in focus, taking this from the floor, with a wiggling little girl attached to ones head makes

Adding one more, since those last two don't really show the pajamas. Ya know... at all.

Duckie pajamas, made them a while ago for Pajama Night at Fallout. We already know about me and ducks. Flannel short snorts and a hand-stitched rib knit top. Adorable duckie applique on the back.
And yes, I did make a matching pair of mini pajamas for my small stuffed duck.