Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 32

Yes, there is a 32nd day. I was going to do a month's worth only, but I still have so many shoes left to do, I think I'll keep going. More come in, more get posted. ;)

Today is a lazy Sunday and I make with the lazy Sunday posting. I made the clothes, ergo why they are so comfy. Crossbones baby doll dress (hand sewn) and the super-pants. Pretty much my at-home uniform now. I need to make another tank dress soon, this one is taking a beating.

Ballet flats. I have a few. I don't wear these often because the back tends to rub too much if I wear them for longer than a few hours. So they are relegated to quick trips to the store and the like. But they ARE adorable, yes?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 31

Rock Band. Is dangerous. See, they seem to have stolen a pair of my shoes from me. Literally. So this super-fantastic post on a nice quiet saturday is brought to you with EXTRA pictures! Like so many others, I was able to create a me in there that was perfectly me, down to the ink and the shoes. But it's the shoes that are important you know.

Jacket via Hot Topic, it's my biking jacket. The hat survived a trip to Guatemala and back. The jeans, as have been seen before, are just barely holding onto lie. As it is the left thigh seam is starting to rip. Psh. Ripped jeans are totally back, right?

Don't laugh. Pink. I know, surprise surprise. Got 'em at Payless ages ago during a sale. Certain persons i was ascociating with were pissed that didnt have them in his size. Wah. This was back before J-Lo started/revived the idea of sneaker styled pumps/boots. Totally in before J-Lo.

Also, PINK!

Now for reference, the Rock Band character I made, along with the tattoos I gave her painstakingly to match me as much as I could:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 30

Ridiculous dress! Well, no really, but the fabric is. Not sure WHY I made it. But I found the fabric in the free-stuff pile in the fashion dept a year ago. It's fantastically gaudy. It's got mirror sequins all over it. So my answer? Make something. So I made this....thing....dress....dealie. Lined in silk, almost completely hand sewn. The waist band was the most expensive art, bridal beading at $10 a yard, even on sale. But I really like that line on my back.

Backs are sexy.

Shoes are from the stripper collection. a size to small, but I can get around. Like I said, Ellie's tend to run smaller. I call them my Seuss shoes because the ankle straps bounce like Seussian springs.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 29

You know how sometimes you just have to be silly and ridiculous? Yeah. I don't remember WHY I got these shoes. Or this bathing suit. OR that scarf. But I did. Because it was shiny? I'll go with shiny, yeah. Not a word about mixing silver and gold. We shall call it some kind of bizarre Barbarella get-up.
Actually, I think I got these the night of the Sexy Party mentioned in the previous post. We took a trip toPriscilla's and these were on sale. They're at least 5 inches tall, and make me near enough to 6 foot that I have to giggle. I'm not sure if I can call them gladiator boots with heels like that, but with those straps and shin guard I guess I must.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 28

I'm cheating. I didn't take this today. Don't tell, kay? This is a little getup I wore for one of my ladies-only Sexy Parties. Lingerie, cake, girls....and Stewie. You know how it goes. From back when I was living on Grace, and had JUST gotten the fantastic red couch that is starting to pop its springs. Sad face. The neat thing about THIS skirt is that the two rows up the front of that super shiny vinyl are actual snaps, not decoration, so I can theoretically rip the whole thing off in like a second or something. Also, it's got pockets. I know, novel idea, skirt with pockets. I am totally OK with thisPardon the crappy detail, it's the only good shot I have and I'm not feeling up to squeezing into them at the moment. Ellie's run notoriously small on their sizes, really. I wear a 8.5, but in Elle I almost have to get a 9.5. It's silly. Boots, yes. Irwin and I actually got matching boots on Ebay when we were living together. OK, I bought them, but she got her pair for some movie nonsense. I got 'em 'cuz they looked neat. 5 inch platforms, red flames on toe and heel. Lace up front. Yeah, you can't say no.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 27

More vintage. More girly poof. More ohmygodican'tbreathewhyisthiswaistsotiny.... Yeah. This one is a fantastic cocktail dress in black and white (obv). The waist area is black velvet, the rest is a ridiculous amount of gathered tulle. What was it with designers in the 50's and tulle. Half the dresses I have from then are tulle frothing a ver stiff and sheer merangue pie.

So because this is dress is totally my "ballet dress" (I blame Rodin, I grew up with this statue in the house....) I paired it with my simpleset of ballet flats.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 26

Be your steady? Of course! I love me some retro dresses. This one I acquire from a family friend who was moving to an assisted living home. Since she'd shown me her entire collection, I knew about all the good stuff. So when the day of the auction came and we got to the giant pile of clothes no one wanted I got the whole shebang (8 boxes) for $2. What they didn't know was that all the formal and cocktail dresses from the 40's and 50's were in the bottom of the pile. Clearly I won. It's been beaten up and has some water stains from poor storage, but I'm (still) in the process of fixing it. Women then had ridiculously tiny waists. I just BARELY fit it. But beaded silk satin.....mmmmmm....

Paired with a sweet little pair of slingback clear heels I got for Senior Prom. I call them my Cinderella shoes. Aside formthe fact that they're clear, obviously, they come off before the night's dancing is done, and I usualy lose onr for a few weeks after.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 25

This is a costume I made AGES ago for a Halloween party at a friends house. I don't remember much of the party, but I DO remember that I left with the Marlboro man may make all kinds of assumptions and lewd jokes now. But really....wouldn't you have taken me home too?
These poor little heels I got even LONGER ago when I was still in middle school I think. The straps fell apart so I traded in ribbons which are holding up. They're real pretty to look at but not terribly easy to walk in. But that's the point, right?