Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 26

Be your steady? Of course! I love me some retro dresses. This one I acquire from a family friend who was moving to an assisted living home. Since she'd shown me her entire collection, I knew about all the good stuff. So when the day of the auction came and we got to the giant pile of clothes no one wanted I got the whole shebang (8 boxes) for $2. What they didn't know was that all the formal and cocktail dresses from the 40's and 50's were in the bottom of the pile. Clearly I won. It's been beaten up and has some water stains from poor storage, but I'm (still) in the process of fixing it. Women then had ridiculously tiny waists. I just BARELY fit it. But beaded silk satin.....mmmmmm....

Paired with a sweet little pair of slingback clear heels I got for Senior Prom. I call them my Cinderella shoes. Aside formthe fact that they're clear, obviously, they come off before the night's dancing is done, and I usualy lose onr for a few weeks after.

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