Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 28

I'm cheating. I didn't take this today. Don't tell, kay? This is a little getup I wore for one of my ladies-only Sexy Parties. Lingerie, cake, girls....and Stewie. You know how it goes. From back when I was living on Grace, and had JUST gotten the fantastic red couch that is starting to pop its springs. Sad face. The neat thing about THIS skirt is that the two rows up the front of that super shiny vinyl are actual snaps, not decoration, so I can theoretically rip the whole thing off in like a second or something. Also, it's got pockets. I know, novel idea, skirt with pockets. I am totally OK with thisPardon the crappy detail, it's the only good shot I have and I'm not feeling up to squeezing into them at the moment. Ellie's run notoriously small on their sizes, really. I wear a 8.5, but in Elle I almost have to get a 9.5. It's silly. Boots, yes. Irwin and I actually got matching boots on Ebay when we were living together. OK, I bought them, but she got her pair for some movie nonsense. I got 'em 'cuz they looked neat. 5 inch platforms, red flames on toe and heel. Lace up front. Yeah, you can't say no.

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