Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shoes 7

Sick day. And the weather is cooperating. Or making it worse. I don't know. It's gloomy and rainy, and I feel like death. But at least I'm comfy.

Duckie slippers.

(Domokun tank + bestest brown PJ pants) x (me+ bed) = happy nap.

Short and sweet. That's it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Shoes 6

It's Monday again. Joy of joys. But, despite the freaking cold wind we got going on today, it's absolutely gorgeous out. Bright sun shining, all that nonsense. So since it's all pretty and natural out, I went for a more neutral color palette today. Also, I haven't worn these boots in ages.

Leather calf boots, camel suede with a really soft fringe.

This was a whole outfit of bringing back stuff I haven't worn in a while. White jeans with fantastic cream and tan top-stitching of flame-shape dealies. Tight as hell, but they DO make my ass look amazing. And that is always very important, you know. Blue-black leather belt with fantastic lacquer buckle. Birdcage print tan tank, and a super warm cream Baby Phat zip sweater.

Shoes 5

Weekend Edition!

We went out with the intention of going to Target and back home. With all the insanity that is on par with our outings, the small trip ended up being a string of frustrations and silly inside jokes that made sales people wince. So it began with Target. Then Radio Shack. Then Costco. Then Circuit City.

So there's a new Target near our place, and like most new Targets, they have big balls. No really. Giant red balls. Not for snacking on though. Great for sitting on instead.

That being said, I actually DID manage to make a cute outfit. Crop jeans again, with the teal scoop shirt and my fluffy motorcycle jacket. Also featuring a classy 80's inspired pair of pointy toes stilettos. Black and silver. Hot.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Shoes 4

We are skipping Thursday. The selection was less than impressive. I am editing. Friday is day four. I have the time bendy powers, you know. Like Bender, only better.

So, on to Friday.

Black Kenneth Cole's, got them on a NYC rip two years back.

You could call this the "Why, yes, yes I do have a serger!" outfit. Favorite skinny black jeans and a black tank top. The aqua mesh top I made myself, thank you very much. It's just absurdly bright enough to work.

Shoes 3

A victorious return! (tm)

This is in fact, despite being posted on Friday, actually Wednesday's shoes. The aforementioned camera debacle has been alleviated, and the royal we are pleased with the outcome.

I admit, they are Wal-Mart boots. But they're kick-ass, yes?

Skinny black jeans and the confusion top. I've ha it for years. every time I wear it at least one person has to look at it real hard to figure out what's going on. Basic black tank sewn to a mesh racer front/back tank. Looks like two, is actually only one. I miss Wet Seal, they don't live in VA anymore

Thursday, February 7, 2008


We're at a standstsill. We are not pleased. We are also not quite sure why we're speaking of ourselves in the royal we.

Yesterday, as I was finagling some sweet shots in an alley, my sweet little camera decided to become a paperweight. Why the change in professions, I do not know, but I'm not pleased. Pretty much dead. The lens is refusing to retract. Can't turn it on or off, or get the pictures I DID take off.


So while I wait for a replacement, you get a placeholder. Think of it as me searching in vain for my sanity and/or a new camera.

Ballet flats, crop jeans, pink/salmon scoop neck long sleeve tee. Large Giant Ginormous MONSTOROUS bin of cat toys at Ikea.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shoes 2

Today I wanted something more comfy, as I would be doing a great deal of walking between classes. I want to, but I just can't wear heels on the mass-walking days. Silly. Eventally I'm sure I'll wear ballet flats and carry the cute shoes in my purse. And I swear I'm not going to keep wearing only pink. I DO have other colors. Continuing on...

Day two:

Super comfy pink and white sneakers. (I really like that shot.)

Combined with a pair of black cords with pink stitching. Sweet little sequined pink tank under a stretched out long sleeve white shirt. There was a cap on my head too, but you don't get to see that. Also wearing the most adorable pink and orange argyle socks my sister got me for Christmas. Topping it off, but not pictured here, was the ridiculously huge pirate belt I got ages ago. Just sparkly and silly enough to work.

It was a very playground feeling ensemble. So I ran over to the neighborhood playground after class to kid around. School wasn't out so the whole thing was MINE. And I can say, honestly, my neighborhood has the most awesome playground.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Shoes 1

I decided that my first Month of challenge would be something easy. Something I have a shit-ton of. Something fun. Shoes.

I have lots of them, and in all manner of styles and colors. I'm a shoe-a-holic. And as I was getting complimented repeatedly on my cute pumps this morning, I thought to myself: "SELF! You really ought to try wearing a different pair of shoes every day this month! You have enough!" And I had to agree with myself. Because I do, and it is a worthy thing to do. Bringing shoe-love and pretty to the campus.


My sweet little pink and black spectator pumps.

I paired them with my absolute favorite pair of crop skinny jeans, the ones with the zip that make both my ass and my calves look amazing. Black bra and barely covering plaid top I got at H&M a while back. It's got the cutest little snaps and fits me like a second skin. Also, pink. Love the pink. The wallet chains added a little sparkle.

It's nice and warm today, so I could actually ot bother wearing a jacket. I like that.