Monday, February 11, 2008

Shoes 6

It's Monday again. Joy of joys. But, despite the freaking cold wind we got going on today, it's absolutely gorgeous out. Bright sun shining, all that nonsense. So since it's all pretty and natural out, I went for a more neutral color palette today. Also, I haven't worn these boots in ages.

Leather calf boots, camel suede with a really soft fringe.

This was a whole outfit of bringing back stuff I haven't worn in a while. White jeans with fantastic cream and tan top-stitching of flame-shape dealies. Tight as hell, but they DO make my ass look amazing. And that is always very important, you know. Blue-black leather belt with fantastic lacquer buckle. Birdcage print tan tank, and a super warm cream Baby Phat zip sweater.

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Carl said...

Time to boot skoot and boooooggiiieee!