Monday, February 4, 2008

Shoes 1

I decided that my first Month of challenge would be something easy. Something I have a shit-ton of. Something fun. Shoes.

I have lots of them, and in all manner of styles and colors. I'm a shoe-a-holic. And as I was getting complimented repeatedly on my cute pumps this morning, I thought to myself: "SELF! You really ought to try wearing a different pair of shoes every day this month! You have enough!" And I had to agree with myself. Because I do, and it is a worthy thing to do. Bringing shoe-love and pretty to the campus.

My sweet little pink and black spectator pumps.

I paired them with my absolute favorite pair of crop skinny jeans, the ones with the zip that make both my ass and my calves look amazing. Black bra and barely covering plaid top I got at H&M a while back. It's got the cutest little snaps and fits me like a second skin. Also, pink. Love the pink. The wallet chains added a little sparkle.

It's nice and warm today, so I could actually ot bother wearing a jacket. I like that.


Carl said...

Awesome! :)
I am posting and linking to your "clog" ;-)

Because you are made of win and awesome.

The question is, do you have 29 shoes and outfits to show off this month?

Megan said...


Yes, I'm sure I do have that many. But I'm not doing a WHOLE month of, just most days. Class days when the ones who appreciate it can take it in.

Carl said...

Ah, it would be more cool to have it be the entire month. ;) But also a lot of work.

*cough* Slacker *cough*

But I understand. Either way, it should be fun and interesting.

Megan said...

barefoot in the kitchen making cookies on the weekends does NOT count as a shoe.

I do what I can, but it's kinda silly if there's no one to appreciate.