Tuesday, November 10, 2009


How in the world did I forget to post this one?! I mean, for reals.

I made Ayane's Peri bathing suit from DOA Beach Volleyball 2. Way back last summer. I thought I'd posted them then, but apparently I forgot. Go me. Better late than never though.

The shoes were something I picked up to go with the pinstripe white pants and vest set I wore for another post. Well, the pants. I wanted something in white with a relatively low heel. Two years after getting them i realize they are nearly identical to one of the shoes you can buy in the game.

Again, go me.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Special Halloween Edition! Bonus pictures!

It is a costume of opportunity. One of the few wigs I hadn't left in storage was this one, which has been dubbed my Joan Jett wig. I ran out of half-ass ideas for a costume, and then the wig reminded me of its presence. Ergo, Joan Jett for Halloween!

I dug through what I had on hand to throw this together. A bunch of random jewelry, the top half of my latest bathing suit whose bottom is mysteriously missing. The pants I got a while ago when I thought I was going to be working at KD in the costume shop. Which turned into a sweat shop, so they were forgotten. I know, me, black pants, forgotten? I'm actually really happy with the makeup for this, though it's definitely not everyday wear. But fun, yes?

The shoes are a bit of a sad story though. I found them in pristine condition for $3 at a thrift store. Super comfy and just the right amount of ass-kickery balanced with a little bit of stacked heel. Within a week of finding them, the seam on the right ankle (inside, next to the zipper) totally busted., Ripped the faux-leather and all. Not really a fixable. But if I can't wear them for day-to-day-wear, I will damn well get at least this post from them Dammit.

We will pretend that the guitar is not a Rock Band guitar, and that the tattoo on my chest is not done with sharpie.

This last shot is for Camille. You know why.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The poor pumpkin never had a chance. I had a knife and a scoop and I was in a fetish club. There was no hope. But at least the poor little guy got a parting shot with his face. Clearly traumatized by his fate, he screams to all: "Why would you DO such a thing?!"

New vest I found at Target today. I've been looking for I don't even know how long for a cute little vest like this for a) a reasonable price b) the right size and c) the right cut. Quite happy to finally find one that fits all three quota. And it makes me feel good that it's a XS. The rest of the outfit are things I've had (and occasionally posted) for a while. Kind of hard to see is that ridiculously magenta pink purse. It was on clearance and it was huge and pink and it cried for my love. There was no way to say no.

The shoes were also clearance finds. Gladiator style sandals, with only a tiny slip of a heel. The shiny bits are more of a pewter than a super shiny silver. I like that. Classy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Happy fall, yo. It's effin' cold.

Having come down to RIchmond to help a buddy out with some organizin', I fell upon bad foot times. As I was walking to his place before work, enjoying the lovely day (and it was GORGEOUS) I realized that my silver flats were not the best walking paterial for a good mile stroll through the city. I have blisters . We will not speak of the size of oddly crescent moon like shape. But my heels hurt. So to alleviate the pain the feet were carefully bandaged, and a way to walk without hurting the heels was found.

At Target.

The whole outfit was coincidentally perfect for the boots. My favorite skinny jeans and tank top are classics. The jacket I found at a thrift store for like $2. Don't care if it's too small, I don't need to button that thing. The shoes themselves are a just-above-the-ankle boot, faux antique buttons all up the outside. Surprisingly tall stacked heel. Totally the sassy librarian boots that I will be wearing with a really cute long tight skirt sometime. Brown, for a change. I Usually gfo for black, but these were so cute...and well...yeah.

Pumpkin that I went home with not pictured...

Monday, October 5, 2009


New city, less stuff, more stress. Going out with the guys for Oktoberfest at the MD Renaissance Festival was helpful. Good times all around.


Of course there was beer (or in my case a cider/meade blend called a beesting. Far more pleasant than the namesake. Good shows, good company, great weather. Fantastic views. I found a rather conveniently placed leather-clad man-at-arms. Armed man-at-arms. Have I mentioned I like leather?

Inherited these from a friend who will HOPEFULLY recognize them. Red and black leather, nine shiny buttons. I'm pretty sure she got them from Catskill Mountain Moccasins. It was a shame to see such lovelyness in a yard sale. SHAME ON YOU CANDICE! They are now well loved, if a little dusty from yesterday. Someday I would like to get a second pair, made proper for my feet. Someday. When I have a few hundred bucks to throw around.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Back from hiatus for a moment. Haven't added much lately, but these came in just in time for a classy party. My friend turned 25, and decided to have a wonderful theme party. Speakeasy, darling. So I got to get all dolled up. Havent The lovely dress is vintage from a great aunt of mine, the hat and mink (yes, mink) are my grandmother's. Yes, it's three mink bodies biting each others butts. No, I don't feel bad about wearing fur. It is an hairloom, and they were dead long ago. Their names are Eeney, Meeney, and Miney. The sweet necklace was another friends grandmothers. (something about relations here...)

The shoes are not vintage, but totally look it. Amy's grandmother (again?) had a pair of spanich lace heels she got in the 40's. Amy has them now and I wanted something similar. And when She linked me to a pair online, I had to have them. Peep toes and 3.5" heels. The lace is adorable and there is a small bow on the toe strap.