Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Happy fall, yo. It's effin' cold.

Having come down to RIchmond to help a buddy out with some organizin', I fell upon bad foot times. As I was walking to his place before work, enjoying the lovely day (and it was GORGEOUS) I realized that my silver flats were not the best walking paterial for a good mile stroll through the city. I have blisters . We will not speak of the size of oddly crescent moon like shape. But my heels hurt. So to alleviate the pain the feet were carefully bandaged, and a way to walk without hurting the heels was found.

At Target.

The whole outfit was coincidentally perfect for the boots. My favorite skinny jeans and tank top are classics. The jacket I found at a thrift store for like $2. Don't care if it's too small, I don't need to button that thing. The shoes themselves are a just-above-the-ankle boot, faux antique buttons all up the outside. Surprisingly tall stacked heel. Totally the sassy librarian boots that I will be wearing with a really cute long tight skirt sometime. Brown, for a change. I Usually gfo for black, but these were so cute...and well...yeah.

Pumpkin that I went home with not pictured...

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PrincessK said...


I. Have. Those. Exact. Same. Shoes. In fact, I wore them over the weekend at the party.

I don't know why this makes me so excited, haha.