Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The poor pumpkin never had a chance. I had a knife and a scoop and I was in a fetish club. There was no hope. But at least the poor little guy got a parting shot with his face. Clearly traumatized by his fate, he screams to all: "Why would you DO such a thing?!"

New vest I found at Target today. I've been looking for I don't even know how long for a cute little vest like this for a) a reasonable price b) the right size and c) the right cut. Quite happy to finally find one that fits all three quota. And it makes me feel good that it's a XS. The rest of the outfit are things I've had (and occasionally posted) for a while. Kind of hard to see is that ridiculously magenta pink purse. It was on clearance and it was huge and pink and it cried for my love. There was no way to say no.

The shoes were also clearance finds. Gladiator style sandals, with only a tiny slip of a heel. The shiny bits are more of a pewter than a super shiny silver. I like that. Classy.

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