Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 24

Trying to even the number of white to black shoes in my closet. I know they're hard to keep clean, but they DO look fantastic! O'Neil board shorts, and the shirt that I have been told makes my boobs look like Snoopy. You can't see it at this angle but I can see it sometimes.

New super-buckley white patent calf boots. Pointy as hell and effin' fantastic. <3

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 23

I have nice office-wear, I swear! This is not really it. Ok, the pants maybe. The top? WAY too see-thru. But of all the clothes I own, this is the whitest white outfit I have. Also, pants are pinstripe. That's hot. You know it is, don't deny it.

Brand spanking new shoes via Ben. Naughty Monkey's Walk the Talk. White and pink. Do so love them. Totally office shoes that are just a little bit skanky, but not too much. I like to keep it classy you know.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 22

As if I needed a ladder. Really now, it was just a little unnecessary. But awesome. This is the ensemble I wore out to a RLL show last month. It was hot as hell. Me and the weather, I mean. Plaid skirt and cross-tied bikini top by me, the rest was bought. I could say something here about Hello Kitty underwear, but I won't. Because that's just overkill, right?


Giant stompy goth boots by Demonia. Somehow my Aunt Tish found her way to my Shoe List and got them for me for Christmas last year It was unexpected and awesome at the same time. And yes, they DO make me an even 6 foot.

Todays photos brought to you via Will Sims.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 21

After a lengthy week(end) I return home with spoils. my friend Amy gave me this fantastic red dress, and Candice is responsible for the shoes. It gives me the opportunity to go a little glamorous. And to pretend there isn't a giant mess of birdseed on my porch. Thanks finches!
"Makes my feet hurt" my ass, these are pretty damn comfy for heels. And tame too Well, for me that is.
Also, you might have noticed: new haircut. Bangs! My mother never let me have them past the age of 4, she convinced me that I had these apocalyptic-end-of-humanity magnitude cowlicks. But really, its only a small one, not two. And I like bangs. They are hot.