Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 15

P.S. I cosplay. I know, big surprise. But my favorite costume was not quite complete until I had the proper boots. This was a problem, they're very particular. And I finally found them, and they were out of stock. For six months. And then a year. But they were in at the beginning of the month and Ben got them for me for birthday/graduation. And they came in today. I am a pleased little puppy.
Yes, that's a wig. No, my hair could never stay that color. Yes, those are my other shoes in the background. No, that's not all of them. Faye was made of a nice stretch vinyl, very suedey, though it likes to flake a little. But the boots.

Oh yes, boots. Steve Madden Applegates. Soft matte leather in a more-taupe-than-cream color. They smell fantastic. P.S.S. I love the smell of new leather.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 14

Casual today please. Too much high maintenance stuff this week. Today we have my comfiest pair of crop cargo pants, complete with the most missing buttons one might possibly have on one pair of pants. Standard tank. I accessorized though. Giant-ass lacquer belt buckle, that turquoise necklace I found last week in a box, and the silly emo plastic bangles that entertain me so much.

And The Hat. The one that sent to Guatemala and back and kept my face from being too burned in the thin air. Closer to the clouds means closer to the sun kids! Like I said, casual. Black flip flips. No heels, no boots, nothing fancy. But whateber they made 'em out of, it's magic. they're soft and suedey and durable. And did I mention comfy? Yeah, that too.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lucky 13

I was feeling down this week until a friend came by and took me for a ride. And we took the bike out too. You see what I did there? Funny, yeah? Same western style shirt that I wear a lot, and my favorite crop jeans. You can't see the awesometastic pirate knee socks under there, trust me, they're cute as hell.

Boots today. You know how your mother says that she doesn't have a favorite child? She lied. I'd like to say I love all my shoes equally, but I can't lie. These are really my favorites. Leather. Buckles. Sassy as hell. I wear them to concerts and shows. They're my show boots. I show off in them. The hallways part like the red sea when I come clicking through. I fuckin' rock.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 12

Oh hey there, its summer. I needed a new bathing suit. But I didn't really feel like buying one, plus I'm broke as hell. So what do we do? Make one, obviously. I'm pleased with the top. The bottoms are a tad tight on the hips. I think I have enough of the fabric left to do a pair of boyshorts.
And of course, the shoes. What is it with Target and cute shoes? I've had these for a while, I usually wear them when cleaning house. I don't know why, cleaning house screams stacked heels to me. These are one of the few pairs of shoes I have that are not only white, but also have NO black on them!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 11

A little something from the Pirate collection. Hoodie dress!

I made it myself you know. Thermal pirate print and black jersey. There's a sweet skull and crossbones appliqued on the back. It's super comfy.I got these babeies after Halloween last year. Referee style ankle boots, lace up only, no zips here. They're actually quite comfortable for their 4" height.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 10

Closet cosplay. Who knew. It's not a generic schoolgirl, I swear. It's Kagura Tennozou, from Speed Grapher. Really. Also a good excuse to wear that pleated skirt and jacket set I got ages ago. Gosh it's short...

Shoes are new today, I was a bad girl. Who needs to eat when there are cute shoes?! Honestly! Super shiny black patent anklets, nice little lace up fronts. There's some saddle-shoe style stitching and piecing on the sides that you can't see too well. The heels are a demure 3.5". Demure for me that is.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 9

Just a little pinup something.

Scandalous VS underwear. Black patent and lace with those adorable little buckles. I made a promise to take pics with these stockings and shoes, I finally got around to fulfilling that one. I've a thing for the Cuban heeled back seamed stockings. I think I need more/better garter belts though. Shoes! Black and red patent peep toe pumps. so cute.

Fast forward to a day 8...months later

I got distracted with classes and graduating and all kinds of life stuff. Forgiveness, I beg for it. Here is me trying to get back on schedule...ish. SO now I bring you....a sort of captain. We are at ease, the mutiny has subsided and the natives quelled. We are pleased. (Nevermind that the natives are the neighborhood children, and are all at dinner while I steal the playground equipment. Shhhhhhh!)

Pirate boots! Red laces this time. (though I do have pink, purple, and black as well) The outfit is MINE. By which I mean I made it. Slightly skanky, but that's the fun part, yeah? Plaid tiered skirt with a glittered lace top emblazoned with skull and crossbones. The bikini top is this fantastic shiny swim wear stuff that looks like liquid night or something.