Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 15

P.S. I cosplay. I know, big surprise. But my favorite costume was not quite complete until I had the proper boots. This was a problem, they're very particular. And I finally found them, and they were out of stock. For six months. And then a year. But they were in at the beginning of the month and Ben got them for me for birthday/graduation. And they came in today. I am a pleased little puppy.
Yes, that's a wig. No, my hair could never stay that color. Yes, those are my other shoes in the background. No, that's not all of them. Faye was made of a nice stretch vinyl, very suedey, though it likes to flake a little. But the boots.

Oh yes, boots. Steve Madden Applegates. Soft matte leather in a more-taupe-than-cream color. They smell fantastic. P.S.S. I love the smell of new leather.

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