Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 14

Casual today please. Too much high maintenance stuff this week. Today we have my comfiest pair of crop cargo pants, complete with the most missing buttons one might possibly have on one pair of pants. Standard tank. I accessorized though. Giant-ass lacquer belt buckle, that turquoise necklace I found last week in a box, and the silly emo plastic bangles that entertain me so much.

And The Hat. The one that sent to Guatemala and back and kept my face from being too burned in the thin air. Closer to the clouds means closer to the sun kids! Like I said, casual. Black flip flips. No heels, no boots, nothing fancy. But whateber they made 'em out of, it's magic. they're soft and suedey and durable. And did I mention comfy? Yeah, that too.

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