Monday, May 23, 2011


These are pair #124, in the grand scheme of things. Very grand I say.

I had been bludgeoned into getting out with friends for a day of thrift stores. Being broke sucks, esp. when you keep seeing things you want or need. There was a fantastic suitcase, for $15, in great condition and with all the neat inside pockets. I saw this amazing pair of almost mary jane pumps. They fit perfectly, and they were PINK. God I wanted them. But, having $0 to my name, it was not to be.

And then I went back two days later. The lovely suitcase was gone. But these were still there. And now, with a paycheck under my belt, and a little free money, it was obviously meant to be.

A collection

Got all my shoes down from where they were stored and found a free weekend to go through them. Had a free day, so I sat down with all the bins and boxes and took a shot of every shoe.

Total: 123

Of course I've since added to that, but only by one pair. Won DSW's Free Shoes Friday again last week, so I know there will be some shopping as soon as I get the card. So the total really stands at 124.

(For now)