Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fast forward to a day 8...months later

I got distracted with classes and graduating and all kinds of life stuff. Forgiveness, I beg for it. Here is me trying to get back on schedule...ish. SO now I bring you....a sort of captain. We are at ease, the mutiny has subsided and the natives quelled. We are pleased. (Nevermind that the natives are the neighborhood children, and are all at dinner while I steal the playground equipment. Shhhhhhh!)

Pirate boots! Red laces this time. (though I do have pink, purple, and black as well) The outfit is MINE. By which I mean I made it. Slightly skanky, but that's the fun part, yeah? Plaid tiered skirt with a glittered lace top emblazoned with skull and crossbones. The bikini top is this fantastic shiny swim wear stuff that looks like liquid night or something.

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