Saturday, October 31, 2009


Special Halloween Edition! Bonus pictures!

It is a costume of opportunity. One of the few wigs I hadn't left in storage was this one, which has been dubbed my Joan Jett wig. I ran out of half-ass ideas for a costume, and then the wig reminded me of its presence. Ergo, Joan Jett for Halloween!

I dug through what I had on hand to throw this together. A bunch of random jewelry, the top half of my latest bathing suit whose bottom is mysteriously missing. The pants I got a while ago when I thought I was going to be working at KD in the costume shop. Which turned into a sweat shop, so they were forgotten. I know, me, black pants, forgotten? I'm actually really happy with the makeup for this, though it's definitely not everyday wear. But fun, yes?

The shoes are a bit of a sad story though. I found them in pristine condition for $3 at a thrift store. Super comfy and just the right amount of ass-kickery balanced with a little bit of stacked heel. Within a week of finding them, the seam on the right ankle (inside, next to the zipper) totally busted., Ripped the faux-leather and all. Not really a fixable. But if I can't wear them for day-to-day-wear, I will damn well get at least this post from them Dammit.

We will pretend that the guitar is not a Rock Band guitar, and that the tattoo on my chest is not done with sharpie.

This last shot is for Camille. You know why.


M. C. Wagner said...

Love this set- wish the producers for "The Runaways" had seen this and put you in the part over Kristin Stewart. Is that a new tattoo on your chest? Fantastic. But you knew that.

M. C. Wagner said...

yes, yes, it's done with a sharpie, but I was playing along. Love the design. Next time you want to do something like this, let me know and I'll bring you one of my guitars