Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 31

Rock Band. Is dangerous. See, they seem to have stolen a pair of my shoes from me. Literally. So this super-fantastic post on a nice quiet saturday is brought to you with EXTRA pictures! Like so many others, I was able to create a me in there that was perfectly me, down to the ink and the shoes. But it's the shoes that are important you know.

Jacket via Hot Topic, it's my biking jacket. The hat survived a trip to Guatemala and back. The jeans, as have been seen before, are just barely holding onto lie. As it is the left thigh seam is starting to rip. Psh. Ripped jeans are totally back, right?

Don't laugh. Pink. I know, surprise surprise. Got 'em at Payless ages ago during a sale. Certain persons i was ascociating with were pissed that didnt have them in his size. Wah. This was back before J-Lo started/revived the idea of sneaker styled pumps/boots. Totally in before J-Lo.

Also, PINK!

Now for reference, the Rock Band character I made, along with the tattoos I gave her painstakingly to match me as much as I could:

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