Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 30

Ridiculous dress! Well, no really, but the fabric is. Not sure WHY I made it. But I found the fabric in the free-stuff pile in the fashion dept a year ago. It's fantastically gaudy. It's got mirror sequins all over it. So my answer? Make something. So I made this....thing....dress....dealie. Lined in silk, almost completely hand sewn. The waist band was the most expensive art, bridal beading at $10 a yard, even on sale. But I really like that line on my back.

Backs are sexy.

Shoes are from the stripper collection. a size to small, but I can get around. Like I said, Ellie's tend to run smaller. I call them my Seuss shoes because the ankle straps bounce like Seussian springs.


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