Friday, February 26, 2010


A little vintage maybe?

Ok, only the hat. My grandmothers, and I have been struggling to find something appropriately classy and brown to wear with it. Clearly I have too much black clothing, in danger of becoming Abby. Not that that's a bad thing mind you. So the rest is a dress I made, cuz' dammit why not. Also wearing a pair of her earrings which may or may not be vintage.

Took advantage of The Aunt's classy dressing table and accessories. Love the cut glass perfume bottle. We will pretend it has something in it other than air. As you can see, there's some nice leg there. Wearing those sassy french heel back seam silk stockings that someone got me. The shoes themselves were another thrift store find. For once a pair that fits perfectly and isn't in deplorable condition! Helps that they're completely lace up, are incredibly comfortable, and are quite likely to hit you on the fingers with a ruler if you don't stop passing notes in class. Seriously.

Now, where did that set of hat pins go?