Tuesday, December 14, 2010


From Russia, with love. Always Moose and Squirrel. In Soviet Russia, snow falls you? Running out of bad lines here, help me out a little here....c'mon!

The amount of ridiculousity is.... ridiculous. Classy costume jewelry from Halloween. Epically warm coat I've had for years. I think I got it at Wet Seal, before they stopped existing in Richmond. And the monstrous hat. Was my mothers. There are matching gloves somewhere. But it's super warm. Also, makes me feel all.....warm.


Black ankle boots, cute little snaps. Super pointy toes to match the super skinny spike heels. Clearly not the best for wearing in snow. At all. But when one is pretending to be a fancy schmancy Mad Russian.

White Russian? Get me some vodka, STAT!

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