Monday, January 10, 2011


I've found it's difficult to keep up with this when I don't have an on-staff photographer on call. Or following me around. Kittens are terrible photographers, and I've run out of self-taken shot ingenuity. So my (few) readers will forgive me if I start forgoing the "whole look" shot in the rest of these posts.

I'm Lazy. With a capital L.

But what I can do is start posting just shots I snap on my way into work every morning. Less planning footwear for a half mile walk from the parking lot, more choosing a new pair to wear on the bus ride to the office instead. And given that I just got 20 new pairs from my Secret Santa over the Christmas break...yeah...

So, for today: the Kamiah fuchsia suede peep-toe ankle booties.

Way warmer than one would expect for peep toes in 30 degree weather.

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