Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Getting all the fierce shoes out of my system before the new work dress code kicks in. No more open toes, or high heels or outlandish styles. Boo. I will find a way to wear sassy but sensible shoes to work.

Or die trying.

But I'd rather not die.

Lexus - black patent and Lycra platform pump. The Lycra makes this pair so comfortable, it's insane. No zippers or buckles to tighten or rub me wrong. It's like wearing a pair of yoga pants on my feet, in...shoe form. That totally makes sense, just work with me here.

Tangent: they come in other "colors". If by colors you mean ZEBRA with red patent, and LEOPARD with black patent. Those are not colors. Those are seriously 90's patterns that should for the most part remain in the 90's.

Unless you're having a 90's party, in which case I might be incredibly well prepared.

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