Monday, August 8, 2011


Tested these out for work today. Really wish I had more crop pants or skinny leg pants that were work appropriate. Oh how I dread the new dress code when we move. I love skirts, but they just aren't comfortable for me at work.

These are nice glamed up semi-gladiator sandals. They don't go too far up the ankle, but there are plenty of straps. All zipped in the back though, this gladiator will NOT be fighting any lions today thanks, and needs to easily remove them.

Why is it that so many thong-style sandals feel the need to have a little plastic tube covering the toe-separating part? It always rubs ten times worse than the fabric or faux-leather? Silly thing, if you ask me. But you know what's great? Rhinestones. I am in love with rhinestones on my feetsies right now. A little bit of Rarity in me perhaps?

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