Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween. I could have cone all wacky with some crazy costume, but I've been rather busy and stressed lately. So I wore my classic fail-proof fall-back costume. Years and years ago (we're talking early 70's here) my mother was at school in Europe. When she was in Austria, she got herself a dirndl. I think she got my aunt one too. And now I have it. It's survived many a Halloween before, when I just couldn't come up with anything good. But it fits me perfectly, and it DOES look good. Apparently though I haven't work it recently enough for my friends to remember.

Well, now you can remember!

I found I didn't have anything terribly authentic or apropriate for a Heidi/Swiss Miss look. So I went with the vague idea of the VonTrap family, and pulled out a pair of brown ballet flats. At one point they had silly elastic straps across the front, and might have been black. I'm pretty sure they were for another costume at some point. But what I love about them is that they're terribly well soled and are quite comfortable.

And yes, I finally DID get some Trick-or-treaters this year.

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