Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Costume comission for a friend. Hapily enough, she and I are the same size, so I can test the fit on me. And it just happens that since all the students wear the same costume, and the character's best friend has hair that matches a wig I have....I totally am cosplaying the bestfriend before I deliver the ensemble.

White dress shirt with oversize cuffs and collar. Pleated skirt and jacket in stretch twill. The jacket is a little ridiculous. Stud details, picky rosebud buttons that DO NOTHING, odd collar that is a creation of the imagination, a large amount of white piping. I do love the studs though, they're quite perfect.

I got these years ago for another costume, but they seemed right for this. They're this weird color between brown and red. Next to a brown shoe they look red, next to a red shoe they look brown. But they ARE really comfortable. Es muy importante.

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