Monday, February 7, 2011


Won Free Shoesday last week via DSW's facebook. As part of my commitment to work out consistently, I gave up the card to buy sensible workout shoes instead of another pair of heels or boots...

I picked the Nike Air Visi Sleek Running shoe, since it was not only on sale, well rated, and had teal in the design, it also reminded me of Portal in the styling. This shoe is not an experiment! Nerding over. Mostly.

Oh, and I also got the Shoe Lovers Tote, as it was on super sale and super cute. I'd missed out by scant hours on getting the free shirt; sold out, DAMN! But this was way nicer than expected! Snaps and zippered pockets and lining and everything! I was expecting another generic shopping tote bag like you can get at grocery stores. Totally way better than that. Also, $5. WIN.

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