Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 20

We went a little bit classic today. Just wait, I'll be waving that scarf for the drag race soon enough. Just go with it, ok? Skinny jeans, that comfy tank top, and my sassy motorcycle jacket. The car? Some neighbor's car that never moves. Which is good when one is taking pictures. Yes it is.

The shoes are an AMAZING pair of polka dot pumps that Ben got me. Yes, those heels are 5 inches. Peep toes with bows. And there's a FANTASTIC detail on the heel, a little jeweled key charm hanging off the back of both. Details?
And for added interest and amusement, I got fans today. Really. The neighborhood kids apparently need a lot of entertainment or are really bored. Because some chick taking pictures outside is PRIME. See? Fun times.

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